Preliminary programme

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18 July

8:00-16:00 Registration
8:30-9:00 Opening Ceremony
9:00-09:40 Plenary talk 1 – Prof. Lajos Hanzó


  • Performance Analysis of Entanglement-based Competition Resolution in Distributed Systems
    Márton Bérces; Sándor Imre; András Prakfalvi
  • Design of Hyperchaos-based Cryptosystem for Smart Cards
    Ilyas Benkhaddra; Mohammed Raouf Senouci; Krishna Busawon; Abdelkrim Boukabou; Abdelkader Senouci
  • Fairness-Aware Pattern-Based Multiple Access for Multi-Group Multicast Systems
    Rashed Alsakarnah; Jacek Ilow
  • Improving Error Resiliency of Sparse Code Multiple Access Using Precoding and Non-orthogonal Signaling Techniques
    Neil Irwin Bernardo

Optical Wireless Communications 1

  • Investigation of WDM VLC Using Standard 5 mm RGB LEDs
    Andrew Burton; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Izzat Darwazeh; Stanislav Zvanovec; Paul Anthony Haigh; Hoa Le Minh
  • Application of Visible Light Communication in an Industrial Environment
    Yousef Almadani; Muhammad Ijaz; Sujan Rajbhandari; Bamidele Adebisi; Umar Raza
  • A Complete Model for Underwater Optical Wireless Communications System
    Behnaz Majlesein; Asghar Gholami; Zabih Ghassemlooy
  • FSO Communication for High Speed Trains: Blind Data Detection and Channel Estimation
    Mohammad Taghi Dabiri; Seyed Mohammad Sajad Sadough; Mohammad-Ali Khalighi
  • Performance Comparison of MIMO CAP Receivers in Visible Light Communication
    Kabiru Oluwaseun Akande; Funmilayo B. Offiong; Hussien Alrakah; Wasiu O. Popoola

Communication Networks Optimization 1

  • Simulation of Queuing Systems with Non-Full-Availability Server
    Slawomir Hanczewski; Michal Weissenberg
  • Mutual Overflow Policies Comparison in Multi-Service Environment
    Mariusz Glabowski; Przemyslaw Walkowiak
  • Concept of an Analytical Model for Cloud Computing Infrastructure
    Slawomir Hanczewski; Michal Weissenberg
  • Simulation-based Queueing Models for Performance Analysis of IoT Applications
    Georgios Bouloukakis; Ioannis Moscholios; Nikolaos Georgantas; Valerie Issarny
10:45-11:05 Coffee Break


  • Hyperspectral Data Compression by Using Rational Function Curve Fitting in Spectral Signature Subintervals
    Mersedeh Beitollahi; Abolfazl Hosseini
  • On the Selection of Channel Coding Schemes for Short Range UAV Wireless Links
    Rafał Krenz; Michal Sybis
  • A Novel Adaptive Channel Equalization Method Using Low-Complexity Variable Step-Size Partial Rank Algorithm
    Sayed A. Hadei; Abolfazl Hosseini; Nastaran Donyadide
  • On the Application of Quantization for Mobile Optimized Convolutional Neural Networks as a Predictor of Realtime Ageing Biomarkers
    Scott Stainton; Shaun Barney; Michael Catt; S.S. Dlay
  • Feature Specific Analysis of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Ageing Classification
    Shaun Barney; Scott Stainton; S.S. Dlay; Michael Catt
  • Complexity Comparison of Filter Bank Multicarrier Transmitter Schemes
    Husam Al-amaireh; Zsolt Kollár

Optical Wireless Communications 2

  • Comparative Study of Image Processing Performance of Camera-Based Visible Light Communication Using Android Acceleration Frameworks
    Hubert Dzieciol; Hoa Le Minh; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Tien Dat Pham; Son Tran ROI
  • Assisted Digital Signal Processing for Rolling Shutter Optical Camera Communications
    Alessandro Sturniolo; Navid Bani Hassan; Zhenyi Shou; Yingjia Huang; Giulio Cossu; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Ernesto Ciaramella
  • Rolling-Shutter-Based Optical Camera Communication Using Distributed LED Array
    Takuya Zinda; Kazuma Ito; Wataru Chujo
  • Impact of Camera Lens Aperture and the Light Source Size on Optical Camera Communications
    Navid Bani Hassan; Yingjia Huang; Zhenyi Shou; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Alessandro Sturniolo; Stanislav Zvanovec; Pengfei Luo; Hoa Le Minh
  • Multi-Imaging Direction Design for Unobtrusive Display-Camera Visible Light Communication
    Mingchao Li; Yunpeng Hu; Yanqun Tang; Xiangwen Yao; Tao Siyu
  • RGB Synchronous VLC Modulation Scheme for OCC
    Cristo Jurado-Verdu; Victor Guerra; Jose Rabadan; Patricia Chavez-Burbano; Rafael Perez-Jimenez

Communication Networks Optimization 2

  • A Modified Method for Point-to-Group Blocking Probability Calculation in Switching Networks with Call Admission Control Mechanisms
    Mariusz Glabowski; Maciej Sobieraj
  • On Call Blocking Probabilities and Resource Utilization in OFDM Wireless Networks
    Ioannis Moscholios; Vassilios G. Vassilakis; Panagiotis Panagoulias; Michael D. Logothetis
  • Simulation Studies of Characteristics of Full Availability Group with Generalized Traffic Classes
    Adam Kaliszan
  • A Convolution Algorithm for a Multirate Loss System with Poisson Arrivals and a Threshold Call Admission Policy
    Ioannis Moscholios; Vassilios G. Vassilakis; Georgios Bouloukakis; Panagiotis Panagoulias; Michael D. Logothetis
  • PAS: A Fair Game-Driven DBA Scheme for XG-PON Systems
    Christos Dalamagkas; Panagiotis Sarigiannidis; Ioannis Moscholios; Thomas Lagkas; Mohammad S. Obaidat
12:35-13:35 Lunch
13:35-14:15 Plenary talk 2 – Prof. George K. Karagiannidis


  • Efficient Implementation of DCT-based MIMO Channel Estimation on FPGA
    Nima Safari; Richard Maiden; Xu Zhang
  • Signal Alignment in MIMO Y Channels with Two-way Relaying and Unicast Traffic Patterns
    Mahdi Attaran; Jacek Ilow
  • BER Performance Investigation of MIMO Underwater Acoustic Communications
    Pranitha Boddu; Hoa Le Minh; Nauman Aslam; Anjaneyulu Lokam; V Sandeepkumar
  • Volume Based Opportunistic Interference Alignment over Correlated MIMO IBC
    Fermin Maciel-Barboza; Leonel Soriano-Equigua; Cesar Azurdia; Samuel Montejo-Sánchez; Francisco R. Castillo-Soria; Carlos Gutierrez
  • Performance Analysis and Early Stopping Criterion for PA-BICM-ID over Frequency-Selective Rayleigh Fading Channel
    Maciej Krasicki
  • Level Crossing Rate of Ratio of Product of Two Rayleigh and One Nakagami-m Random Variable and of Ratio of Rayleigh and Product of Two Nakagami-m Random Variables
    Dragana Krstić; Mihajlo Stefanović; Mariusz Glabowski; Milos Peric

Optical Wireless Communications 3

  • A Cloud-assisted 57.6 Kbps Image Sensor Communication System Using a Smartphone Camera
    Xiaochen Nie; Zhengyuan Xu
  • UPWM-based Pulse Position Modulation for Optical Camera Communications
    Pengfei Luo; Tong Jiang; Paul Anthony Haigh; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Stanislav Zvanovec
  • Novel Indoor Localization System Using Optical Camera Communication
    Patricia Chavez-Burbano; Victor Guerra; Jose Rabadan; Cristo Jurado-Verdu; Rafael Perez-Jimenez
  • The Near-field Radiation Pattern of an OLED Panel and Its Application in Detection
    Xu Rui; Hanjie Chen; Zhengyuan Xu
  • A Survey on Recent Advances in Organic Visible Light Communications
    Zahra Nazari Chaleshtori; Petr Chvojka; Stanislav Zvanovec; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Paul Anthony Haigh

Communication Networks Optimization 3

  • Hybrid Power-Line/Wireless Communication Systems for Indoor Applications
    Waled Gheth; Khaled M. Rabie; Bamidele Adebisi; Muhammad Ijaz; Abdurrahman Alfitouri
  • Experimental Evaluation of Channel Estimation and Equalisation in Non-Orthogonal FDM Systems
    Waseem Hazim Ozan Ozan; Hedaia Ghannam; Tongyang Xu; Paul Anthony Haigh; Izzat Darwazeh
  • Optimization of Power Consumption and Handover Margin of Sleep/Active Cells in Dynamic H-CRAN
    Reem Ahmed; Tawfik Ismail; Laila Fahmy; Naser Sweilam
  • Transmission Line Synthesis Approach to Extending the Bandwidth of LEDs for Visible Light Communication
    Temitope Odedeyi; Paul Anthony Haigh; Izzat Darwazeh
  • Analysis of Optimized Threshold with SLM Based Blanking Non-Linearity for Impulsive Noise Reduction in Power Line Communication Systems
    Ferheen Ayaz; Khaled M. Rabie; Bamidele Adebisi
  • Performance of Weibull and Exponentiated Weibull Fading in Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Systems
    Piotr Remlein; Tansal Gucluoglu; Eylem Erdogan
15:50-16:10 Coffee Break


  • A Concise Review on Internet of Things (IoT) – Problems, Challenges and Opportunities
    Laith Farhan; Rupak Kharel; Omprakash Kaiwartya; Marcela Quiroz-Castellanos; Ali Alissa
  • Distributed Power Allocation for UAV-Assisted Multi-User Relay Networks
    Jie Gong; Jingjing Lin; Tsung-Hui Chang; Chao Shen; Xiang Chen
  • Establishing the Flightpath of a Quadcopter Drone from the Relative Angular Velocity of the Four Rotors
    Peter Harrington; Wai Pang Ng; Tianrong Chen
  • Wireless Power and Communication Transmission for Industrial Robots
    Matjaz Rozman; Bamidele Adebisi; Khaled M. Rabie
  • Performance Evaluation of Maritime VDES Networks with OPNET Simulator
    Kyoung Min Kim; Yunmin Kim; Youngil Cho; Kwanyoung Moon; Seunghyun Choi; Jae Woo Kim; Tae-Jin Lee
  • Integrated All-Optical AND Logic Gate with Linear Photonic Crystal Nano-Resonator
    Ahmad Mohebzadeh Bahabady; Saeed Olyaee

Optical Wireless Communications 4

  • Infrared Mobile Transmissions for Smart Indoor Applications
    Thai Bang Hoang; Somasekhar Reddy Kandukuri; Stephanie Sahuguede; Anne Julien-Vergonjanne
  • On the Usage of Machine Learning Techniques to Improve Position Accuracy in Visible Light Positioning Systems
    Pedro Fonseca; Reem Mohamed; Andre Gradim; Luis Nero Alves
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Impact of LED Power Uncertainty on Visible Light Positioning Accuracy
    David Plets; Sander Bastiaens; Nobby Stevens; Luc Martens; Wout Joseph
  • Influence of Transmitter and Receiver Orientation on the Channel Gain for RSS Ranging-Based VLP
    Nobby Stevens; Heidi Steendam
  • Experimental Evaluation of the Precision of Received Signal Strength Based Visible Light Positioning
    Willem Raes; David Plets; Lieven De Strycker; Nobby Stevens
  • A Range Free Localization Method for Overlapped Optical Attocells Using Neighbor’s Information
    Fabian Seguel; Ismael Soto; Nicolas Krommenacker; Patrick Charpentier; Pablo Adasme
  • Impulsive Noise Evaluation on PLC-VLC Based on DCO-OFDM
    Dennis Kubjana; Alain Richard Ndjiongue; Thokozani Calvin Shongwe

Communication Networks Optimization 4

  • Evaluation of IPv6 Transition Mechanisms Using QoS
    Mark Jacobi; Samir Al-Khayatt; Luke Smith
  • Licensing Options for Virtual Network Functions in Telecommunications Cloud Environment
    Attila Gábor Hilt; Gábor Járó
  • Spectrum Allocation in Next Generation Radio Networks Using Emerging Nature-inspired Algorithms
    Thomas Tegou; Katherine Siakavara; Spiros Nikolaidis; Sotirios Goudos; Dimitrios D. Vergados; Panagiotis Sarigiannidis; Mohammad S. Obaidat
  • A New Clustering Algorithm for an Energy Efficient WSN That Monitors HVTTs: Modified Multi Clustering
    Abdullah Kurtoglu
  • Throughput and Range Performance Investigation for IEEE 802.11A 802.11N and 802.11Ac Technologies in an On-Campus Heterogeneous Network Environment
    Piyush Dhawankar; Hoa Le Minh; Nauman Aslam
  Welcome Reception, BBQ Party – conference location

19 July

8:30-16:00 Registration
09:00-9:10 Plenary talk 3 – Prof. Andreas Stöhr


  • Availability Improvement of Optical Networks with Self-Healing Nodes Designed by Architecture on Demand (invited)
    Branko Mikac, Matija Dzanko
  • Highspeed Hierarchically Routing – a Practical Approach of Single-Clock Routing
    Marian Ulbricht; Philipp Dockhorn; Christian Liß; Jens Wagner
  • Providing Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Services for 5G with Unattended Datacenters
    József Varga; Attila Gábor Hilt; Csaba Rotter; Gábor Járó
  • Comparison of Curve Fitting Method for Hyperspectral Data Classification with Nonlinear Based Feature Extraction Methods
    Maryam Sadighi Tehrani; Abolfazl Hosseini; Batoul Zarezardeini

Optical Wireless Communications 5

  • Modeling and Throughput Analysis of FSO Systems Using GBN-ARQ and AR Transmission over Atmospheric Turbulence Channels
    Hoang Le; Vuong Mai; Chuyen T. Nguyen; Truong Cong Thang; Anh T. Pham
  • Concept of a Fiber-Based Laser Beam Tracking System for a Free Space Optical Link
    Peter Barcik; Marek Novak; Ales Dobesch; Zdenek Kolka; Otakar Wilfert
  • Characterization of Poisson Channel for Deep Space FSO Based on SNSPD Technology by Experimental Demonstration
    Hristo Ivanov; Erich Leitgeb; Gert Freiberger
  • Implementation of an OWC Channel Emulator in FPGA
    Luis Rodrigues; Luis Nero Alves; Luis Duarte; João Pandeirada; Ales Dobesch; Lukas Janik; Marek Novak; Otakar Wilfert
  • Receiver Parameters Effect on Underwater Optical Wireless Communication Performance in the Presence of Transmitted Gaussian Beam
    Zahra Vali; Asghar Gholami; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Masoud Omoomi
  • Spatial Interpolation of Optical Wireless Impulse Responses
    Victor Guerra; Julio Rufo; Jose Rabadan; Rafael Perez-Jimenez

Microcoll 1

  • Optimization of Power Budget in RSOA Based Mm-Wave Radio-over-Fibre Access Network
    Dávid Kóbor; Eszter Udvary
  • 5G Wireless Test Network Design at BME
    Lajos Nagy; Zoltán Szalay
  • Indoor Propagation Measurements for 5G Networks
    László Csurgai-Horváth; Bálint Horváth; István Rieger; József Kertész; Bernard Adjei-Frimpong
  • Enhancing the Microstrip Antenna Gain Using a Novel EBG Lens Based on a Single Layer
    Yahiea Al-Naiemy; Taha Elwi; Nagy Lajos
  • Design and Analysis of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Antennas Based on Metamaterial
    Yahiea Al-Naiemy; Nagy Lajos
10:45-11:05 Coffee Break


  • Comparison Between FastICA and InfoMax for the Blind Separation of Audio Signals
    Enrique San Juan; Ismael Soto; Pablo Adasme; William Gutierrez Pezoa; Lucio Cañete Arratia; Carlos Meléndez; Fabian Seguel; Ali Dehghan Firoozabadi
  • Sound Source Localization by Proposed Subband Adaptive GEVD Algorithm Based on GammaTone Filter Bank in Undesirable Acoustical Conditions
    Ali Dehghan Firoozabadi; Hugo Durney; Ismael Soto; Miguel Sanhueza Olave
  • Access-independent Cloud-based Real-Time Translation Service for Voice Calls in Mobile Networks
    Máté Ákos Tündik; Attila Gábor Hilt; Gergő Bóta; Loránd Nagy; Kalle Luukkanen

Satellite and Space Communications

  • New Results on Symbol Rate Estimation in Digital Satellite Receivers
    Barbara Suesser-Rechberger; Wilfried Gappmair
  • Multi-User Detection Performance Demonstrator for Realistic High Throughput Satellite Systems
    Karin Plimon; Johannes Ebert; Nemanja Stamenic; Harald Schlemmer; Màrius Caus; Wilfried Gappmair; Martina Angelone; Alberto Ginesi
  • Interference-Dependent Performance of Multi-User Detection in High Throughput Satellite Systems
    Karin Plimon; Johannes Ebert; Wilfried Gappmair; Martina Angelone; Alberto Ginesi
  • Practical Implementation of Link Adaptation with Dual Polarized Modulation
    Anxo Tato; Carlos Mosquera; Pol Henarejos; Ana Isabel Pérez Neira
  • Ka-Band Signal Statistics Derived from a Commercial VSAT
    Franz Teschl; Matthias Binder; Lorenzo Luini

Microcoll 2

  • Comparison of Tunable Microwave Bandpass Filters
    Bence Cseppentő; Tibor Berceli; Zsolt Szabó
  • Route Planning for Mobile IoT Devices
    László Csurgai-Horváth; János Bitó
  • Wide Band Match for High Q Radio Transceivers
    Attila Zólomy; Zoltan Vida
  • Multi-band Match for High-Q Radio Transceivers
    Zoltan Vida; Attila Zólomy
  • Practical Realization Rules for Wideband Impedance Matching Using the Double-Terminated Filter Synthesis Method
    Balazs Matolcsy; Attila Zólomy
12:35-13:35 Lunch
13:35-14:15 Plenary talk 4 – Prof. Thomas Zwick

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Test of Vehicle Positioning by Triangulation with Infrared Signal-Direction Discrimination
    Wern-Yarng Shieh; Ti-Ho Wang; Jia-Qian Shen
  • Evaluating the Benefit of a Smart Scheduler in a Non-Cooperative, Multi-User Heterogeneous Wireless ITS Environment
    Cristian Roman; Peter Ball; Shumao Ou
  • On the Design and Deployment of Multitier Heterogeneous and Adaptive Vehicular Networks
    Shuja Ansari; Tuleen Boutaleb; Sinan Sinanovic; Carlos Gamio; Ioannis Krikidis
  • Cross Layer Approach for Neighbor Node Selection in VANET Routing
    Mahadev A Gawas; Manas Mulay
  • Reducing Noise Pollution of Emergency Vehicle Sirens with an Early Warning System
    David Cervinka; Omar Salih; Zahir Ahmad; Sujan Rajbhandari

Biomedical Engineering and Electronics & Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications

  • Investigation of Tear Drop Flared Tipped Antenna for Therapeutic Microwave Ablation
    Eman G. M. I. Hassan; Haifa Takruri; Amira I Zaki; Martin Hope
  • On RF Telemetry for Implantable Medical Devices: A Communication Theory Perspective
    Mohamed Saeed; Tawfik Ismail; Hassan Mostafa
  • Extreme Learning Machine Approach for Blood Glucose Estimation
    Bingo Wing-Kuen Ling
  • Data Pre-processing and Model Selection Strategies for Human Posture Recognition
    Shumei Zhang
  • A Novel Model for Continuous Cuff-less Blood Pressure Estimation
    Yuhan Dong; Jinbo Kang; Yue Yu; Kai Zhang; Zhide Li; Yongzhi Zhai

Wireless communications for the Internet of Things

  • Probabilistic Constrained Approach for Clustering in Multi-Cell Wireless Networks
    Pablo Adasme; Ismael Soto; Enrique San Juan; Fabian Seguel; Nicolas Krommenacker
  • Application Protocols and Wireless Communication for IoT: A Simulation Case Study Proposal
    Lucas Novelli; Luisa Maria Garcia Jorge; Paulo Melo; André Koscianski
  • Design Issues of Energy-Efficient Access Methods for Cellular IoT Networks
    Andrzej Duda
  • Accurate 3D-Tracking System for Wireless Indoor Personal Positioning
    Mahsa Asadi; Shabnam Sadeghi; Amin Kargar; Ali Mahanipaper1
  • A Secure Scheme for Group Communication of Wireless IoT Devices
    Bashar Ahmed Alohali; Vassilios G. Vassilakis; Ioannis Moscholios; Michael D. Logothetis
15:50-16:10 Coffee Break


  • The First 15 Years of SEFDM: A Brief Survey (invited)
    Izzat Darwazeh; Hedaia Ghannam; Tongyang Xu
  • Experiment for Non-Interfering Coexistence of Non-Orthogonal SEFDM Signals and LTE
    Tongyang Xu; Izzat Darwazeh
  • SEFDM: Spectral Efficiency Upper Bound and Interference Distribution
    Hedaia Ghannam; Izzat Darwazeh
  • Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11A 54 Mbps WEP Multi-Node Laboratory Links
    Jose Pacheco de Carvalho; Hugo Veiga; Claudia Ribeiro Pacheco; Antonio Reis
  • Coexistence Mechanisms for LTE and Wi-Fi Networks over Unlicensed Frequency Bands
    Moawiah Alhulayil; Miguel López-Benítez
  • Distance-Preserving Mapping with Euclidean Distance for 4-Ary PAM
    Thokozani Calvin Shongwe; Theo G. Swart; Hendrik C Ferreira
  • BPSK-OFDM Versus QFSK-OFDM in Combating the Effects of Narrowband Interference and Impulsive Noise in Power Line Communication
    Abiola Bolaji; Thokozani Calvin Shongwe

Optical Wireless Communications 6

  • A Spiking Neural Network with Visible Light Communications
    Mircea Hulea; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Sujan Rajbhandari
  • Energy-efficient Modulation for Visible Light SCMA System with Signal-dependent Noise
    Shuping Hu; Qian Gao; Chen Gong; Zhengyuan Xu; Rubén Boluda-Ruiz; Khalid A. Qaraqe
  • Resource Allocation for Visible Light Communication Using Stochastic Geometry
    G V S S Praneeth Varma; Abhinav Kumar; Gvv Sharma
  • Implementation of a Low-Cost Vehicular VLC System and CAN Bus Interface
    Vicente Matus; Cesar Azurdia; Sandra Céspedes; Pablo Ortega; Samuel Montejo-Sánchez; Javier Rojas; Ismael Soto
  • Investigating the Optimal SCL Decoding Algorithm for Polar Codes in Ultraviolet Communication
    Lin Ai; Min Zhang; Dahai Han; Wenxiu Hu; Xuetong Liang; Zabih Ghassemlooy
  • Visible Light Communication at 50 Mbit/s Using a Red LED and an SPAD Receiver
    Dinka Milovančev; Johannes Weidenauer; Bernhard Steindl; Michael Hofbauer; Reinhard Enne; Horst Zimmermann


  • UF-OFDM Based Radio over Fiber for 5G Millimeter Wave Small Cell Radio Access Network
    Hum Nath Parajuli; Julien Poette; Eszter Udvary
  • Using Tunable Dispersion-Compensated Modules to Overcome the Power Penalty of a Millimeter-Wave Opto-electronic Oscillator Signal That is Distributed via a Passive Optical Network for 5G Networks
    Mehmet Alp Ilgaz
  • Tunability of Millimeter Wave Carriers Generated by Optically Mixing Two DFB Lasers on Glass
    Nisrine Arab; Lionel Bastard; Julien Poette; Robert Horvath; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
  • Optoelectronic Mixing with Photoconductive Switch and Semiconductor Mode-Locked Laser
    Robert Horvath; Jean-Francois Roux; Julien Poette; Cabon Béatrice
  • Polarization-Insensitive Radio-over-Fibre Receiver Based on a 3X3 Coupler for C-RAN Back-Hauling in 5G Networks
    Bilal Hussain; Giovanni Serafino; Eduardo Avendano Fernandez; Francesco Fresi; Paolo Ghelfi; Luca Potì; Antonella Bogoni
  • Modulation Index Study of a Cost-Effective Solution for CRAN Architecture Based on Coherent Radio-over-Fiber Backhaul
    Eduardo Avendano Fernandez; Giovanni Serafino; Bilal Hussain; Francesco Fresi; Antonella Bogoni; Ana Maria Cardenas Soto; Neil Guerrero Gonzalez
  • Multi-core Fiber Based Mm-Wave Generation, Radio-over- Fiber, and Power-over-Fiber
    K. M. Hasanuzzaman; Stavros Iezekiel
  River Cruise & Banquet

20 July

8:30-12:00 Registration
9:00-9:10 Plenary talk 5 – Prof. Philippe Cudre-Mauroux

Photonic Communications Systems and Networks

  • Joint Polarization, Frequency Offset and Phase Tracking Based on Extended Kalman Filter in Coherent Optical Systems
    Yanfu Yang; Wen Jiang; Qun Zhang; Qian Xiang; Yao Yong
  • Hybrid RoF-RoFSO System Using Directly Modulated Laser for 24 – 26 GHz 5G Networks
    Jan Bohata; Matej Komanec; Jan Spacil; Stanislav Zvanovec; Radan Slavík
  • Fiber-wireless (FiWi) Standardization Activities and Directions: A Journey to Adoption
    Thavamaran Kanesan; Hizamel M. Hizan; Sajaa Altaleb; Sufian Mousa Mitani; Gee-Kung Chang
  • Application of Conventional G.652 Optical Fibers with Increased Evanescent-wave Overlap for Detection of Liquids
    Matej Komanec; Tomas Nemecek; Dmytro Suslov; Michal Vidner; Stanislav Zvanovec
  • Time Delay and Gain Reduction in Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
    Jacque W D Chi

Optical Wireless Communications 7

  • Outage Probability Analysis of RF/FSO-VLC Communication Relaying System
    Milica Petkovic; Aleksandra Cvetkovic; Milan Narandžić
  • Performance of Space Shift Keying over a Correlated Gamma-Gamma FSO-MISO Channel
    Richa Priyadarshani; Anshul Jaiswal; Manav Bhatnagar; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Stanislav Zvanovec
  • M-ary ASK Modulation in FSO System with SIMO over Log-normal Atmospheric Turbulence with Pointing Errors
    Mahmoud Yasser; Tawfik Ismail; Atef Ghuniem
  • Ergodic Capacity Optimization of FSO Systems over Gamma-Gamma Atmospheric Turbulence Channels with Generalized Pointing Errors
    Rubén Boluda-Ruiz; Antonio Garcia-Zambrana; Beatriz Castillo-Vazquez; Carmen Castillo-Vazquez; Qian Gao; Khalid A. Qaraqe
  • Beam Quality Factor and Its Effect on Laser Beam Through Anisotropic Non-Kolmogorov Atmospheric Turbulence for Optical Wireless Communication
    Zhan Gao; Ziyang Li; Anhong Dang

Optical Fiber Sensors 1

  • Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Perimeter Security Applications (invited)
    Bo Lin; Jing Cheng
  • Multifunctional Sensing and Super-Resolution Imaging Based on micro-/nanostructures (Invited)
    Qing Yang
  • Research on Fiber Accoustic Sensor (invited)
    Ping Lu; Deming Liu
  • High-sensitivity Fabry-Pérot Strain Senor Based on Fusion Splicing Photonic Crystal Fiber and Single Mode Fiber
    Liu Haifeng; Bo Liu
  • Behavior of Cross Polarisation on Radio over Fiber
    Nada Badraoui; Tibor Berceli
10:45-11:05 Coffee Break

Green Communications and Networks

  • LQOR: Link Quality-Oriented Route Selection on Internet of Things Networks for Green Computing
    Laith Farhan; Rupak Kharel; Omprakash Kaiwartya; Marcela Quiroz-Castellanos; Siew Hon Teay
  • On the Energy Consumption Forecasting of Data Centers Based on Weather Conditions: Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Approach
    Georgios Smpokos; Mohamed A Elshatshat; Athanasios Lioumpas; Ilias Iliopoulos
  • Optimal Threshold Calculation for Improved Impulsive Noise Mitigation in the Frequency Domain
    Israa Al-Shaikhlili; Ghanim Al-Rubaye; Martin Johnston; Charalampos C. Tsimenidis
  • Investigation into Impulsive Noise Techniques for a G.FAST System
    Israa Al-Shaikhlili; Cornelius Healy; Martin Johnston; Charalampos C. Tsimenidis
  • Energy Efficiency Maximization for MISO Systems with Total and Per-antenna Power Constraints
    Yuhan Dong; Yuanyuan Tang; Kai Zhang; Xiang Chen
  • Statistical Characterization of Noise for Power Line Communications Channels: Field Measurements
    Erhan Baycan; İbrahim Halil Ertürkler; Mahmut Sami Saraç; Serhan Yarkan

Optical Wireless Communications 8

  • PHY Error Models for Ns-2 Simulation of FSO Packet Networks over Turbulence Channels
    Le Van Cong; Phuc V. Trinh; Truong Cong Thang; Anh T. Pham
  • Non-Orthogonal Multi-band CAP for Highly Spectrally Efficient VLC Systems
    Paul Anthony Haigh; Petr Chvojka; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Stanislav Zvanovec; Izzat Darwazeh
  • Performance Characterization of Vertical Underwater VLC Links in the Presence of Turbulence
    Mohammed Elamassie; Murat Uysal
  • VLC Systems with Fixed-Rate Transmissions Under Statistical Queueing Constraints
    Marwan Hammouda; Jürgen Peissig
  • Characterisation and Interference Model of Contemporary Artificial Light Sources Noise on a VLC Channel
    Mariam Galal; Wai Pang Ng; Ahmed Abd El Aziz; Richard Binns

Optical Fiber Sensors 2

  • Tapered No-Core Optical Fibre for Oxygen Sensing (invited)
    Qiang Wu
  • Cellular Dimensional Microsensing in Fiber Optics with Picoliter Sample Volume (invited)
    Nan-Kuang Chen
  • In-Fiber Sensing Structures Inscribed with Femtosecond Laser
    Xuewen Shu
  • Three-arm Windmill Plasmonic Nanoantenna Polarization and Symmetry-Dependent Optical Characteristics
    Jun Zhou; Qiang Wu; Mian Wang
  • Multi Point Strain and Temperature Sensing Based on Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
    Tao Chen; Xiang Xu; Nageswara Lalam; Wai Pang Ng; Peter Harrington
12:35-13:00 Closing Ceremony