Paper submission

Paper submission

Paper submission is now CLOSED.

Due to number of requests the deadline has been extended to 14th March.

You can upload your paper thru EDAS Conference Management System at

Papers have to be IEEE Xplore compatible in A4 format. Length of final paper should be from 2 to 6 pages. Templates for MS Word and LaTEX can be downloaded here:

Final manuscript pdf compatibility

For conversion to PDF and checking of IEEE Xplore format you can use PDF-Express service at: When creating account, you have to insert Conference ID: 43034XP.

Manuscript MUST follow those rules, to be published in IEEE eXplore:

  • Minimum PDF version: 1.4
  • A4 format
  • Minimum font size: 10pt
  • Minimum left and right margins 1.2cm
  • Minimum top margin 1.9cm
  • Minimum bottom margin: 2.9cm
  • All fonts have to be embedded. No bookmarks, links, forms and notes allowed. Paper have to start with paper title (no headers or preceding text).
  • Before uploading final manuscript, authors are required to fill IEEE copyright form (you will see the link to IEEE eCopyright Form in EDAS, when uploading final manuscript).

For manuscript submission question, such as questions about paper file formats, page limits and formatting restrictions, please refer to the template and the published rules. In the last resort, please contact Mr. David Kobor (

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